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The consulting service, based on our long and consolidated experience, is the first step towards an end product that is satisfactory from every point of view.
Among our customers there are private buyers, technical offices, architects, as well as big names in the furnishing sector who rely on us from the start of the project.
From technical to final drawings, including 3D rendering: each stage in the design is carried out in-house and in close collaboration with the customer, to be in line with any specific requests and, at the same time, to make any changes promptly.
This is a fundamental stage of the work process
that allows us to check the state of the surface on which our products will be laid, so that we can make the necessary changes before the material is processed and cut, thus optimising work times and resources.
  • Testing in
    the warehouse

At the end of the cutting and contouring stages, the slabs are laid to test them directly in our warehouse, in order to optimise delivery times and deal with any imperfections on the spot.
This allows us to have a global view of the work and to correct any errors, so as to speed up laying on site.

  • Packaging
    and delivery

Our warehouse is able to package any type of material that we produce, so that it can be transported on any vehicle in complete safety.

Delivery is always punctual and in compliance with customer requests.

  • Installation of the works
    and after-sales service

Our technicians and experts are present during laying of the slabs and, in the case of mosaics and incisions, they carry out the work personally, giving the final finish and adjustment right to the last piece.
Our personnel is also able to provide a maintenance and restoration service, keeping product quality unchanged and preserving it over the years.

Vallmar the best in the world!