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Working Process

marble, granite, stone and precious materials
We have been working with marble, granite, stone and precious materials for several generations. We have learned to recognise their particular features and to enhance their individual charm. The veining of marble, the bright reflections of precious stones and the patterns of granite and stone adapt superbly to both indoor and outdoor settings.
natural elements and veins
These materials are able to furnish with their presence alone: they clothe their settings, enrich them and make them pleasant to live in. During the work process, we leave the “natural” character of these extraordinary
elements unchanged.
brightness and preciousness
Cutting a slab of marble or granite without interrupting the random movement of the veins and patterns is obligatory, just like enhancing the brightness of precious stones. In the same way, stone must give the idea of something old, almost primitive, even at the end of the work processes.
A granite surface, a marble table or a ceramic top
are the final result of a long work process that begins long before the use of our high-tech machinery. It begins by choosing the blocks, which is done directly and without intermediaries.
The various materials are then sawn, polished and stored in our warehouse.
Each slab is chosen according to the final destination and the type of processing requested by the customer.
For this reason it is essential to have a store and a showroom.
This is to be able to reply to every need, supplying the best product among those available and having the possibility to show a wide range of proposals to customers, whether they be private buyers, architecture studios, or professionals and operators in the sector.
Once this choice has been made,
the real production work begins with milling and contouring, processes that are able to give the raw material the desired shape and texture.
Thanks to our five-axis work centres and to our machines with Water Jet technology,
the cuts are perfect and identical to the initial designs. Lastly, to guarantee excellent results, the entire production process undergoes continuous quality control.

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